How do I pay dues?

Our dues are $60 per month for unlimited classes. There are no other fees unless you want to test. We have a discount for Military and Police and for couples.


We don't do credit cards, so please pay by cash, or checks made out to "Aikido of Norfolk".

Dues should be paid at the beginning of each month. That’s when we pay all our bills and it would be a good thing if we have the cash on hand to pay them.  The later your dues are paid, the more money we’ll have to pay from our own pockets. 

Your dues are not a payment for teaching services -- none of the people who teach here gets a salary. All the dues go to pay the dojo’s bills. You pay dues to be a member of the Aikido of Norfolk.

dojo front

If, for any particular reason, you are having trouble meeting this obligation, just come and talk to us. Maybe there’s something you can do to help the dojo until you’re in the money again. We’d rather have people come and practice than stay away because of money. Your energy and style and commitment are all part of your membership too.