How do I throw?

Getting a little ahead of ourselves, aren't we?

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A throw consists of three parts of unequal importance: Kuzushi, Tsukuri and Kake. And the greatest of these is Kuzushi (My apologies, St. Paul).

Kuzushi is generally called "breaking the balance". More specifically, it is disrupting your partner's posture or their ability to attack or defend themselves. I remember a Nun back in Catholic school who could stop a raging teenager with an arch of her eyebrow. Froze them in their tracks. That's also Kuzushi!

Tsukuri is the set-up to execute the technique. It's all that turning, connecting, grabbing and stance stuff.

Kake is the finish, when they fall down.

We spend too much time practicing Tsukuri and too much energy doing Kake. If you break it down to percentages, 85% is Kuzushi, 10% is Tsukuri and 5% is Kake. The Kake should be like a ripe apple falling from a tree. 

There's really a fourth part, Zanshin, which in this context is maintaining contact after the throw. (See above: Nun's eyebrow)

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