How do you translate Aikido?

kanji ai dojo kanji do dojo

Harmony, completion, settled: The ideograph looks like a lid for a pot. Putting a lid on something completes it; bringing it into harmony.

Spirit; breath; power: The little plus sign with four dots represents rice; the symbol around the rice is a pot and you can see steam in the lines coming out of the top. Think of a hearth with food cooking in the pot, the family gathered together for dinner. Think of the power of the steam, especially when you seal a lid on the pot. Think of breathing in the smells of cooking. In both Greek and Latin the word for breath is contained in the word for spirit.

Path; road; Way: Picture a man walking down a road. A road implies a destination and to get there you have to walk the road. Also, the road was built for you by someone who had already made the journey and who came back  to help you. You should always have a sense of gratitude for a road.


O-Sensei, the Founder of Aikido