General Aikido sites


Aikido Journal 

Aikido Express Videos of USAF Shihans and other resources 

Aikido Sphere  Articles on USAF Shihans and other resources



Mugendo Budogu


Aikiweb  A great search engine to find Aikido dojos by location 

United States Aikido Federation  Test requirements, news, event calendar and a dojo list.

Antartica Aikikai: Aikido, Penguins, and a beakful of beer. (It needs a bit of updating.)

Aikido of Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY  (Hi, Hal, Gordon and the gang!)

Aikido Society of Memphis, TN  (Hey, Bob, Brett and everybody!)


New York Aikikai  (Hi, everybody!)

Open Sky Aikikai, Hillsborough, NC (Hey, Steve, Jessie and all you athletic people)

Aikido of North Jersey, Teaneck, NJ (Hi, Jerry!)

Aikido Verein Freiburg e.V. in Freiburg, Germany  (Hallo Andy und die Aikidoka in Freiburg)

Open Aikido Association , London, UK  (Hi, Chris and the werewolves of London!)